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What is transgender surgery?

Transgender surgery is a surgical procedure performed on a transgender person in order to alter the appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics so that they resemble those of the gender with which they identify.


Transgender surgery is a big step to take, but it may be appropriate for you if you have been diagnosed with persistent gender dysphoria and are supported in your decision by mental health professionals. You should have you been living as a member of your desired sex and be above the age of consent. It’s important that you understand the implications of the surgery, and have realistic expectations. Transgender people who have undergone gender affirmation surgeries are, in almost all cases, happy they did so.


What is Male-to-Female Transgender Surgery?

If you are having male to female transgender surgery, you will first undergo feminizing hormone therapy to stimulate female characteristics like breast growth, fat and muscle distribution, a higher-pitched voice and a feminine pattern of hair with inhibited facial hair growth.

Trans women often begin their physical transformation with breast implants, facial feminization surgery, and implants in the gluteal, hip and thigh area.

What is The Procedure?
During the procedure the surgeon will remove the penis and reshape the genital tissue to give it a female appearance, and will then construct a vagina.

The surgeon makes an incision into the scrotum, pulls back a flap of skin is and removes the testes. The next step involves shortening the urethra. The surgeon then removes the penis and uses the excess skin to create female genitalia: the labia and a vagina. Your prostate will not be removed.

What is Female-to-Male Transgender Surgery
If you are having female to male transgender surgery, you will first undergo masculinizing hormone (androgen) therapy, which will result in physical changes like a deeper voice, more body and facial hair and increased muscle mass and body fat redistribution. Menstruation will stop, the clitoris will enlarge and the vagina will atrophy.
What is The Procedure?

In female-to-male surgery there is the more difficult challenge of creating a functioning penis using smaller clitoral tissue available in the female genitals.

In this procedure, the surgeon first removes the uterus and the ovaries. The penis is created from the clitoris, which will have been enlarged by hormone treatment. The surgeon will then perform tissue grafts, using tissue from other parts of the body, and insert an erectile prosthetic.

Female-to-male transgender surgery, the surgeon will also remove breast tissue and excess skin, repositioning the nipples and areolae.